Monthly Archive: May 2011

Twitter “follow button” for websites 0

Twitter “follow button” for websites

Twitter just made a follow button available for anyone to easily embed into any website you want. (find mine right below “Tweets” in the menu to the right – see picture above) Get your...

KRINK & G-Shock “Spray Paint the Walls” (video) 0

KRINK & G-Shock “Spray Paint the Walls” (video)

Love this! I want one of those “fire extinguishers”! For more pictures etc, check out an article on this exhibit on There’s also behind the scenes footage from the making of this video.

Mykea 0


Found this place that sells stickers to disguise your ikea furniture.. Fun idea.

R.I.P. Gil Scott-Heron 2

R.I.P. Gil Scott-Heron

I just found out that Gil Scott-Heron passed away yesterday. For those of you who will find this post, I’m guessing you probably searched for his name and came across it that way and...

Kuvva 0


If you’re tired of your twitter profile and want it updated regularly with a fresh, new look. Once your twitter account is liked to kuvva, your twitter page will be continously updated with a...

Long Exposure 0

Long Exposure

Beautiful long exposure photographs of aircraft. (click on the image to see all the pictures) Tip via @THEREALSHAKER and @lassekorsgaard [source Fubiz]

LinkedIn Connection Timeline 0

LinkedIn Connection Timeline

See your LinkedIn network growth over time. New from LinkedIn Labs

iOS mockup and prototyping 0

iOS mockup and prototyping

I’m working on a mobile project with a group from Hyper Island in Karlskrona right now, and mockups, wireframes and prototyping is always a hot topic in these projects. My colleague @henrik sent me...