Minutes (dashboard widget)

Stefan Leijon

Black Belt Digital Concept Designer. I occasionally lecture on finding ideas and emerging media. I take instagram pictures, share what I find and love to cook. Connect with me on Google+

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  • Daniel

    Many thanks for making it available!

  • http://www.stefanleijon.com/ Stefan Leijon

    Anytime.. Glad to help.

  • Pedro Varela

    Thank you.!

  • http://macwright.org/ Tom


  • Ryan

    Looking for this damn thing for months! Thanks!

  • Giulio

    Thank you, it’s still the best timer around :-)

  • Paolo Caviasca

    Thank you very much!

  • ben

    Great share! Thanks alot!

  • xared

    Thanks! Was looking for this widget to install on a new mac.

  • GDanger

    Just what I was looking for, and it looks great – Thanks!

  • http://mahner.org/ Martin Mahner

    Thanks, I’m using it since a couple of years. Here is an alternative download: http://d.pr/f/1kTkb