Minutes (dashboard widget)

I’m doing laundry today, and usually I use the timer on my iPhone to let me know when the washer or dryer is done, but since got quite a bit of work to do on the computer today and I realized there’s not a good timer in OSX (that I know of), I started looking at dashboard widgets, and the one that got the most recommendations by far is a widget called “Minutes”.

But it seems the developer has vanished, and so has the link to the download (even from apple’s own site), so I did a bit of detective work and found the zip file in an old archive somewhere.

I’ve now put it in my public dropbox, so if you need an egg clock or something while you’re working on the computer, get the Minutes 2.0.1 widget HERE

Stefan Leijon

Black Belt Digital Concept Designer. I occasionally lecture on finding ideas and emerging media. I take instagram pictures, share what I find and love to cook. Connect with me on Google+

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  • Daniel

    Many thanks for making it available!

  • Anytime.. Glad to help.

  • Pedro Varela

    Thank you.!

  • Tom


  • Ryan

    Looking for this damn thing for months! Thanks!

  • Giulio

    Thank you, it’s still the best timer around 🙂

  • Paolo Caviasca

    Thank you very much!

  • ben

    Great share! Thanks alot!

  • xared

    Thanks! Was looking for this widget to install on a new mac.

  • GDanger

    Just what I was looking for, and it looks great – Thanks!

  • Thanks, I’m using it since a couple of years. Here is an alternative download: http://d.pr/f/1kTkb