Time Lapse in OS X

Stefan Leijon

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  • Bastian Fellenberg

    did you find any solution for the time-laps problem under lion and without quicktime pro?

    greetz Bastian

  • http://www.stefanleijon.com/ Stefan Leijon

    I ended up using “Time Lapse Assembler 1.4” (link in the post), it works fine.

    I would have hoped for a smooth solution in Quicktime, but I really don’t want to go backwards in time and use an ancient software that doesn’t support modern picture resolutions.So Time Lapse Assembler is what I currently use until I can find something better.

    Actually, now that you remind me, I’ll ask a friend of mine that has made some great time lapse videos to see what he uses. I’ll get back to you.

  • pokho

    would like to know if you find something better for lion

  • http://www.stefanleijon.com/ Stefan Leijon

    Unfortunately not.

    My friend was using an old version of Quicktime (downgraded), so my vote still goes to Time Lapse Assembler, although I haven’t looked around in case there’s something new out there since I wrote the original post.
    If you come across something, please let me know.

  • Joelbennett88

    Thanks for this post, I found it helpful and have also downloaded the free timelapse software… I wonder if the reason that quicktime no longer supports this feature is due to apple wanting the user to do ‘everything’ within final cut x :( i hope not 

  • Tryptophane

    Hmmm… My journey was similar – but I finally got a copy of Quicktime Pro 7, and after entering the license key, I’m able to import a sequence of images from my Canon 5D Mk II flawlessly on both my iMac and my ancient MacBook Pro. I should mention that I haven’t imported any sequences larger than 310 images so far – so maybe I haven’t hit the “magic” number that makes it fail?

  • http://www.stefanleijon.com/ Stefan Leijon

    If I remember correctly, it’s also a matter of picture resolution. But if it works for you – great. It could also be the downgrading to a very old version of Quicktime that bugs me a bit, besides it not working for what I needed it for.
    Best of luck and thanks for your input!

  • Santaclauss1234

    I too am looking, in particular, for something just a tad more sophisticated.

    I would not mind something with the capacity to align images (I’ve done some shooting while riding a bike) as well as defining fps.

    Thank you for the post and the link! I’ll visit again to see if anyone answers with other suggestions.