Monthly Archive: July 2011

Plans for today 0

Plans for today

It’s 30+°C in the shade, sunny. The plans to clean at home today got thrown out the window. We’re going to a lake for a swim! 3

I’m re-working the sitemap for work and I did a bit of research using AlternativeTo [searched for Omnigraffle] to find a good online tool for drawing diagrams and flowcharts. One that came up was...

Google+ resource list 0

Google+ resource list

I came across this list they call “The Mother of All Google+ Resource Lists“. Is it just me, or is Google+ starting to feel a little Microsoftish? (you know: Install this for that feature,...

Webdoc 0


Interesting service with nice use of social objects! (that @tyckr keeps talking about =) [tip: @natasha_sthlm via twitter]

Social Media Ninja, or just early adopter? 0

Social Media Ninja, or just early adopter?

I just read through some of my RSS feed that was jam packed with news when I got back from Armenia. One of the stories that caught my eye was one by Steve Radick...

Back from Vacation 0

Back from Vacation

Seems like a lot has happened while I was gone. Have some catching up to do. 10 updates on the mac software, a new operating system, 100+ notifications from people joining Google+, etc, etc....

Off to Armenia 0

Off to Armenia

So, I’m all packed and ready to go away for two weeks.. Here’s where I’m going: Yerevan, Armenia. We’ve been lucky enough to get to borrow an apartment here, in the city, and we...

Responsive WordPress themes (roundup) 0

Responsive WordPress themes (roundup)

I’ve been searching for these for quite a while actually, ever since I saw this. (try making your browser smaller to the approximate width of a mobile phone after you open this page and...