Monthly Archive: August 2011

Android A.I. keyboard 0

Android A.I. keyboard

Such a simple solution. Brilliant! Hope to see this across platforms soon.

Poolga 0


Got a nice little tip from colleagues (@henrik + @teddyzetterlund) about a site that offers incredible iPhone & iPad wallpaper art. Thanks!

People who click on annoying ads 0

Online ad sales

At work I get at least 2-3 people a week trying to sell me banner ads, promoted ads, ads in online news, sponsored ads etc, etc. I had a long conversation with a salesman...

Social Objects 0

Social Objects

I was reminded of thoughts on social objects from a conversation with @el_ci over at @qwiki via skype this morning, so I thought I’d throw something together to explain.. I’ve had a few discussions on this...

Finally! 0


Picked up my computer from the “doctor” today, and now it’s feeling better. The Time Machine restore took over two hours, but worked like a charm. Just an update of the operating systems, installation...