Monthly Archive: January 2012

Ads [4] 0

Ads [4]

Great digital idea for Turquoise Cottage (a bar in India) by the agency Webchutney in Delhi that engages and pushes all the right buttons. From the offers on site, to making sure the customers...

The Swap-o-matic 0

The Swap-o-matic

I love this idea. So simple and effective. I’m putting together a short film right now about an idea I had along similar lines. The direct purpose (swapping/trading) is different, as well as...

Clock Books on Etsy 0

Clock Books on Etsy

It started out with me needing to come up with a christmas present, so I bought the clockwork from a tech-shop and found a nice looking old book at a second hand shop. I...

Manufactured Doubt 0

Manufactured Doubt

This video for The Climate Reality Project sheds light on the dirty secrets of dirty industries that fund phony science in order to mislead the public into thinking their products are safe. It was done by...

Ads [3] 0

Ads [3]

Great way to take advantage of clever insights. Props to CP+B and especially my old classmate Hannah Willén that was one of the designers on this one! Big up!

8th Day [1] 0

8th Day [1]

8th Day – a new series of occasional posts about what I would do if I had more time. If there were 8 days in each week. If the week had 8 days.. I would...