Monthly Archive: March 2012

Happy 6th Birthday Twitter 0

Happy 6th Birthday Twitter

Today, six years ago, the first tweet was sent from the service we (all 500 Million + users) of us know as Twitter, but back then i was called Twttr. We’ve come a long...

Potamus is here 0

Potamus is here

This little guy just arrived. A smoking litte hippo made of porcelain by Frank Kozik & K. Olin Tribu. He’s getting good spot on the shelf in our apartment so he can keep us all in...

It’s on.. 0

It’s on..

I just came from an interview with a digital agency today where I met with two very well mannered and pleasant ADs. We had lunch and everything felt good and on track, and then,...

The Creative Ransom 0

The Creative Ransom

Smart, daring and effective way of finding work in the creative field. (disclaimer: this probably doesn’t work as well in other fields of work)

Pictures of People Scanning QR-codes 1

Pictures of People Scanning QR-codes

Brilliant Tumblr blog where the title (as well as the content) says it all.

Big Question: Feast or famine? 0

Big Question: Feast or famine?

The University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment is discovering solutions to Earth’s biggest problems, including the big question of how are we going to feed a growing world without destroying the planet?