Auto Exposure and Auto Focus Lock (AE/AF Lock) on iPhone Camera

AE/AF Lock iPhone

Did you ever want to lock either the focus point or the exposure (brightness/darkness) in a picture you were trying to take using your iPhone? Apparently you can, and it’s surprisingly simple.

I had no idea this feature existed until the other day when I had the camera active and I held the phone in a grip that must have touched the screen while I was walking across the room and when I was ready to use the camera, I saw the AE/AF Lock at the bottom of the screen.

I tapped the screen and the Lock was gone.

All you do is to press and hold on the point in the picture where you want the camera to focus (and measure the light) until the AE/AF Lock appears.

That’s it!

This can be useful when a background is particularly bright for example, and what you’re looking to photograph is darker, in the foreground. If you let the camera app decide, it will more than likely set the exposure according to the brightness of the background, thus making the object look like a dark silhouette.
Or if you want focus to be on an object closer to the edge of the picture.

Apparently this was a new feature in the camera app for iPhone as of iOS 5.

I can’t believe I didn’t know about this until now.

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    this is great! just tried it out.