Blokk – a wireframing / mockup font

Blokk font

I found a free typeface that doesn’t write letters you can actually read. Useful huh?

Well, actually it is. If you’re designing websites that is.
What designers normally do is to fill the text fields in a mockup or wireframe with what is generally called a “Lorem Ipsum” text. This is to show what the site will look like when it’s filled with content.

Lorem ipsum is a filler text that consists of words that don’t exist. It’s meant to seem like Latin, but it’s not.

Blokk is a font that will remove this confusion, it just places solid bars where the text will go to give you an idea of where the text will go.

There’s even a javascript code called Redactor that you can use on any site to see what that site would look like if it was a mockup that done with the blokk font. Just DRAG THIS LINK to your bookmarks bar, and click the link in the bookmarks bar and the site you’re currently on will be “blokkified”.

> Blokk font

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