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Although I’m excited about the #blogg100 initiative, some days it’s harder than others.
I guess I haven’t found my method for daily blogging quite yet. I used to be good at this.. Or am I just doing it differently now?

I even had a blog back in the day where each day of the week had a certain theme. I started that blog in 2007 and continued it until December 2008. A total of about 13 months where I blogged every single day about something I had observed either online or about something I had observed in the physical world.

I later started another blog (in Swedish) called Höger & Vänster (Right & Left). Although it had a name that conjures thought on politics, the original thought was to post things from both the right and left part of the brain. (logical and methodic as well as emotional an irrational). I continued this blog until September 2009 and I averaged about one post per day.

I finally ended up with my own name as a domain name (this very site you’re viewing right now). The regular posting more or less stopped. Mainly because I initially shifted my focus to putting up portfolio items as well as my collection of creative methods that can be found in the toolbox section.

Meanwhile I did actually post regularly for a good long while. I had always enjoyed the “dictionary” of Douglas Adams called “The meaning of Liff”, so I posted a new word from this dictionary until I had posted all 500+ words. The whole collection can be found at this blogspot blog.

But I also post things more or less regularly in other places for different reasons.

One example is a tumblr blog called “Receptsamling” (collection of recipes in Swedish). I started this site to collect all the recipes I get from friends and family instead of putting these recipes on notes of paper or in a notebook. This way I can also access my recipes anytime I like. Last night I made French Onion Soup for example, and the recipe can be found on this blog of course..

Another tumblr blog I run is in my own name: I use this to post pictures and gifs I like that I find during my online explorations.

Yet another tumblr blog I call “Bregott“, that I haven’t had the time to update lately, is a tumblr blog where I put advertising that affect me in some way. Mostly I post pictures and videos of advertising campaigns that are particularly well done in my opinion, but sometimes I post campaigns that I think are horrible as well. I also try to explain why I think this or that about a particular campaign.

So I don’t know.. I guess I post quite a lot of things in different places for different reasons. But generally, I try my best to contribute with whatever I come across in my life in some way. Maybe I do it a bit too scattered, making it hard to follow. But I also don’t want to collect all these things in one place, that would be way too schizophrenic.

I’m not even sure I got all my different blogs collected here. If I think of any I forgot while writing this, I’ll add them in the comments below.

Do you have a lot of different blogs for different purposes? No? How do you write online? What’s your method for online content sharing? Let me know.

Stefan Leijon

Black Belt Digital Concept Designer. I occasionally lecture on finding ideas and emerging media. I take instagram pictures, share what I find and love to cook. Connect with me on Google+

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  • Oh yeah, I almost forgot.. I gave blogging in Swedish a half assed attempt a while back at this address a while back: I almost forgot I had this page. I guess I stopped writing there since I felt that the only time I wanted to write there was when I was upset at something that I thought was unfair, and I didn’t want this particular blog to turn into my “whining blog” where I just rant and moan about stuff that probably only I care about.. =)