I’m in serious pain. My foot is hurting like hell and I need to get it checked out I think.
I went to the doctor on tuesday, but he just told me to take it easy and to take antihistamines to keep the irritation, and thus the pain down.

But it’s getting worse. It’s hard to concentrate and to think rationally I feel. It feels like retreating into a bubble of your own being and everybody else is on another planet.

I don’t like this feeling. I want to feel connected to things around me.

Need to get this checked out.

P.S. Because of this, I will not keep up my #blogg100 posting on a regular basis but I will take notes and post as I’m able to. Hope you forgive me for “cheating”.

Stefan Leijon

Black Belt Digital Concept Designer. I occasionally lecture on finding ideas and emerging media. I take instagram pictures, share what I find and love to cook. Connect with me on Google+

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