Monthly Archive: March 2013

Saltsjöbaden Triathlonsällskap Swim 0

Saltsjöbaden Triathlonsällskap

Client: Saltsjöbaden Triathlonsällskap When: March 2013 Role: AD, Designer About: Logo design and art direction, visual profile for the Saltsjöbaden Triathlon Club. I also continuously produce all their web and print material.

Weathercube 0

Weathercube [iOS weather app]

A nice little weather app just arrived called Weathercube. Check out the video below. I don’t know who wrote the copy for this video, but “hot” and “fresh” aren’t words I would use to...

Evernote 0

Password practices

I just got an email from IFTTT saying that my recipes connected to my Evernote account needed my attention, and what I found was a pleasant surprise. It turns out Evernote has apparently decided...

Find Momo 0

Find Momo

I came across a lovely tumblr blog today that I had to share with you. Find Momo is a photo blog by Andrew Knapp where he posts a great looking picture almost every day,...