I’m Stefan Leijon, a marketing conceptualizer and amplifier.

I started the advertising agency A New Dialogue, a place where we create effective communication for others.

As a creative director, together with others, is where I feel most secure and where I do my best work.

Occasionally I lecture for businesses in need of insight into the new world of digital and/or help with creative processes.
I sometimes lecture and facilitate workshops with schools or agencies as well as consult a couple of other creative directors and CEOs from time to time.

This website is my own personal hub. A place where I put all my things.
I have become less prone to updating this site lately, but the conversations have just moved to other platforms as the landscape shifts.

I see life as a never ending beta test – always learning.

Some projects/threads you might find here will sometimes die out, and that’s ok.
This just means that it got tested and didn’t work, for one reason or another.
It’s just another day on the internet…

Mistakes are part of the process towards a better future.

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