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Online life

Although I’m excited about the #blogg100 initiative, some days it’s harder than others. I guess I haven’t found my method for daily blogging quite yet. I used to be good at this.. Or am...

Pictures of People Scanning QR-codes 1

Pictures of People Scanning QR-codes

Brilliant Tumblr blog where the title (as well as the content) says it all.

Mobiles designed for the elderly are not needed 2

Mobiles designed for the elderly are not needed

Christopher Nortier, Art Director, and John Ågren, interaction designer, from inUse went to the annual conference NotRation 12 in Dublin, Ireland. Here is their second report from the conference. Samsung asked design agency Vitamins to develop a new mobile phone for the elderly. Vitamins’ user studies showed that something else was needed....

Tiny Story [short film 3] 0

Tiny Story [short film 3]

Good storytelling looks ridiculously easy when it’s done well, but is in fact devilishly hard to pull off. The only way to get better is to practice–and what better way to practice than by...

Designing for responsiveness 0

Designing for responsiveness

Designing for responsive websites can be a bit challenging at first because the process is so different. As designers, we’ve gotten used to building pixel-perfect mockups as our web blueprints. But responsive design takes...

Vincent Van Gogh interactive animation 0

Vincent Van Gogh interactive animation

Usually when digital artists try to “do something new and digital” with an art masterpiece, things usually go horribly wrong. Not so much for Greek digital artist Petros Vrellis who made this stunning interactive...

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Pears is a brilliant WordPress theme created by SimpleBits, the creative studio of Dan Cederholm who is also responsible for Dribble (think show and tell for designers). The theme allows anyone to collect, test and experiment with interface pattern pairings of...

Pinterest and Tumblr 0

Pinterest and Tumblr

I found some interesting information today looking at the statistics in Google Analytics for the company (that I still work for for a couple more days) website. It turns out that even though I...