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It’s on.. 0

It’s on..

I just came from an interview with a digital agency today where I met with two very well mannered and pleasant ADs. We had lunch and everything felt good and on track, and then,...

The day ahead 0

The day ahead

Today I’m going to straighten up my portfolio a bit, and try to visualize some of the ideas for improvements, installations etc. that I left behind as I left my previous job at Bukowskis. (I...

Work vs. Starting a business 0

Work vs. Starting a business

Right now I’m in the curious place between jobs. My last day at Bukowskis was last wednesday, and I’ve been catching up on more personal things that were falling behind due to long working...

LinkedIn Connection Timeline 0

LinkedIn Connection Timeline

See your LinkedIn network growth over time. New from LinkedIn Labs http://timeline.linkedinlabs.com

Excuses 0


I’m not tring to make them. Excuses, that is.. But.. I recently moved, and juggling that with a new job and lots to think about, I find myself feeling guilty for not updating this...